Shortly after Fiesta de Colores in Canoa, surrounding communities began to request a Fiesta de Colores in their town, including Briceño, a small village 10 minutes from Canoa that had received no federal assistance after the earthquake due to being listed as a high-risk zone. The town self-organized under the leadership of Patrica Gomez Holguin and Victor Hugo Zambrano Adrade to provide the artists with materials, lodging, and food, and in February 2017 the artists reunited to work together once again, creating an outdoor gallery of 25 murals in Briceño. 

Participating artists:

  • Ana Trujillo - Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • D.Gale - Nueva York, EEUU
  • Galileo - Canoa, Ecuador
  • Juam Rap - El Empalme, Ecuador
  • Layqa Nuna Yawar - Nueva Jersey, EEUU
  • MC Zelote - Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
  • Origenes - Canoa, Ecuador
  • Sixtina Ureta - Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador
  • Topas - Otavalo, Ecuador
  • Zowith - Zamora, Ecuador