Nov 2018


Bahia de Caraquez, once a thriving cultural capital and one of Ecuador's busiest ports, was almost completely destroyed in 1998 by a 7.2mg earthquake. After an extensive process of reconstruction, Bahia recovered and re-emerged as a bustling economic center and eco-city. In 2016, Bahia was devastated once again by a 7.8mg earthquake that destroyed much of it's infrastructure and caused a mass exodus of it's population, leaving Bahia's streets empty and it's economy in shambles. A year and a half later, the town still struggled to rebuild and recover from one of the hardest periods it has ever faced.

As is the case in many natural disasters, the population that suffered the most during this period was women. With the collapsed economy and  prevalence of depression and post traumatic stress disorder, Manabi saw a substancial rise in the rate of substance abuse, domestic violence, rape, and femicidios in the time following the earthquake.

On Nov. 25, 2017, International Day Against Violence Against Women, Fiesta de Colores teamed up with local artists and activists, Arte Sobre Escombros and Tejedoras Manabitas, to aid in Bahia's reconstruction efforts and in the fight against violence against women by creating an outdoor gallery of colorful murals that not only beautify and brighten Bahia's streets, but tell the stories of the women that live there, celebrate their contributions to society, and promote gender equality and women's rights.    

We would like to extend our gratitude to the talented artists:

El niño de las pinturas, Granada, Spain

Layqa Nuna Yawar, Newark, NJ /Ecuador

Votan, Los Angeles /El Salvador

Gaia, Baltimore

Diosa, Medellin, Colombia

Danielle Mastrion, Brooklyn, NY

DGale, New York, NY

Huek , Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, Ecuador

STEEP, Puyo, Ecudor

Sowith, Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador

Mo Vasquez, Quito, Ecuador

Lirie, Imbabura, Ecuador

Zelote, Bahía de Caraquez, Ecuador

Sixtina, Bahía de Caraquez, Ecuador

Medusa Ácida, Portoviejo, Ecuador

Pincel de Cristo, Portoviejo, Ecuador

Ángela SMar, Granada, Spain

Ariana Andrade, Bahía de Caraquez, Ecuador

Abigail, Puyo, Ecuador

for their talent, their passion, their ideas and above all for their consistent collaboration with Fiesta de Colores. We would also like to thank master artist Ivo Uquillas for his constant support, strength and inspiration. Infinite gratitude to the community of Bahía de Caráquez and the beautiful and brave people who welcomed us in the warmest way possible, proving that art heals, beautifies, empowers and unites people.